How GPS Technology Can Help with Your Advertising
6th October 2015
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Big Brother is watching! GPS technology is now being used to track every delivery.

Did you know that distributors of advertising magazines, leaflets, free newspapers and more can now use GPS tracking technology to ensure all their publications reach their intended destinations?
They can track street by street and each property delivered to as well as recording the time of delivery.

This means advertisers can be confident that their message is reaching its intended audience, and helps eliminate unsightly dumping of undelivered material. Distributors no longer have to call or visit residents to confirm they have received the promotional material.

Here in Milton Keynes one such advertising magazine, Your Local Flyer, are using this technology to ensure its distribution of 44,000 magazines are all delivered on time to the intended properties.

The tracking maps below give you an idea of the reports they receive.

 In a recent example, they received a call from a resident who said they had not received their copy of Your Local Flyer, however using the reports and tracking maps they were able to confirm the day and time it was delivered.   

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