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We spent a fabulous evening at Milton Keynes theatre watching this year’s pantomime, Aladdin. The actors were all wonderful, but Kev Orkian as Wishy Washy stole the show with his cheeky charm. Full of glitz and glamour, music to sing along to, traditional panto silliness which the children giggled at throughout, and plenty of jokes aimed at the adults too. We all loved the random but brilliant appearance from Bruce Airhead, an act which can't be described, you would have to see it to believe it! Festive fun and laughter for all the family: the hilarious cast take you on a magical musical carpet ride!
I went to the Milton Keynes Theatre to see The Last Tango, not knowing what to expect. I had a most entertaining evening with the scene being set by George in his attic. On finding lots of old items they brought back old memories, some happy, some sad.

The dancers portrayed George's story so well, with such emotion and empathy. The most moving dance was The Tango that Vincent and Flavia danced before he was called up to war. The other dancers too were spectacular in both their singing and dancing.

For all Strictly Come Dancing fans, this is one not to be missed!
I took a friend to Milton Keynes Theatre for a birthday surprise to see Romeo and Juliet performed by the English National Ballet. It was the first ballet performance that we had seen and wow what a performance, it was, totally captivating. The story was portrayed very well and the orchestra were magnificent. The dancers were mesmerising and the more dramatic the story, the orchestra really came into its own. I would definitely recommend seeing Romeo and Juliet and look forward to the next time the English National Ballet return to Milton Keynes.
Adapted for the stage from the original 1988 film the “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” have arrived at the Milton Keynes Theatre.
As the damp nights draw in here we were taken to the French Riviera to meet English gent and conman Lawrence Jameson, played by immaculately groomed and dressed Michael Praed, now very much a silver fox, but for those who remember his known role of Robin of Loxley in the 1984 series of Robin of Sherwood, he has aged well. His aim is to charm the rich visiting divorces and heiresses, and then relieve them of their money and valuables, to assist his fight to keep the peace in a non-existent country where he lets them believe he is a prince. He is aided and abetted by Chief of Police Andre Thibault played by Gary Wilmot, whose Allo Allo style accent and comic timing are perfect for the part.
Then along comes young American Freddy Benson to get in on the act, with Jameson eventually agreeing to teach him the tricks of the trade. Freddy is played by Noel Sullivan (Yes of Hearsay fame) who shows that he has much more than a good singing voice with great comic acting, and really surprised us how good he was.
As the plot develops the pair decide to compete for the wealth and affections of beautiful Blonde Christine Colgate played by Carley Stenson. Oddly a wheelchair, a German Doctor, a love interest for the police chief and a twist or two all make the second half great fun. Punctuated with wonderful vocal performances and ensemble dancing the show was warmly applauded throughout by the appreciative audience.
The show runs until Saturday Book now to avoid disappointment
Are you looking for an enjoyable show to entertain the whole family this summer holiday? Then look no further than your local theatre her in Milton Keynes and the Stage musical Shrek.
Like the Christmas pantomime the show has humour for both the kids and adults, and there are plenty of laughs along the way as Lord Farquaad played by Gerard Carey sets out to rescue Princess Fiona Played by Bronte Barbe
The Donkey played by Ryan Reid injected yet more humour and the duet with the Dragon was one of the shows’ highlights.
There was a rousing encore of the Monkees I’m a believer at the end which leaves you with a feel good factor as you head home.
As always the level of detail in the costumes and set was very good, given that this is a touring show on for just 2 weeks at Milton Keynes Theatre. In fact having also seen the west end production this version was more enjoyable.
The Milton Keynes Theatre is a great local venue, parking is free after 6pm, the piano bar, serves food and premium wines as well as cocktails for your pre show enjoyment.
This is not a stage version of the original 1956 Elvis film, nor is it the Elvis Story, but Love Me Tender currently on stage at Milton Keynes is a fun filled musical set in a fifties American Midwest town, laced together with some of the Kings’ best known songs.
The start of the show is a little unconventional, and a little irritating until after a few minutes it gets going and the fun starts.
Chad played by Ben Reeves recently released from Jail is a visitor to a sleepy one horse town, where the residents have been repressed the Mayor Matilda Hyde played by Sian Reeves. As soon as he arrives he kick starts the Juke box and with it the passions of the locals, and there follows a series of crossed wires as the story unfolds as the locals realise who should be with who.
There scenes are punctuated with humour, some more risqué than others, (where did they hang that hat?) The Singing and dancing is full of energy, as the cast revive classics including Heartbreak Hotel, Hound dog, Teddy Bear, It’s Now or Never and of course, Love Me Tender.
Shaun Williamson, yes Barry from EastEnders, plays Jim the garage owner and is responsible for some of the best comedy moments, whilst his Daughter or is it his Son is played by Laura Tebbutt. Kate Tydman is Miss Sandra the object of desire for both Jim and Chad and Mark Anderson is cast as geeky Dennis and plays up to the part.
However the star of the show is Mica Paris who plays bar owner Sylvia, and her rendition of There’s Always Me was the highlight of the show.
A feel good fun show in a great Local Venue
For nearly 45 years Rock Opera Jesus Christ Superstar has been telling the story of the last seven days in the life of Jesus through the eyes of Judas Iscariot who is the one to betray him and lead him to those who eventually take his life by crucifying him on the cross. In the first performance of the touring show at Milton Keynes Theatre the audience were not disappointed.
The show although obviously not a light-hearted portrayal does have the odd inclusion of humour. The crucifixion scene was not only very moving but very cleverly choreographed.
Glenn Carter played Jesus Christ with an amazing performance, especially as a dying man
In this performance Judas was played by the understudy Tim Oxbrow who for us stole the show.
X Factor Finalist Rachel Adedeji played Mary Magdalene adapting her popular music voice talent to the stage.
Well known tracks include What’s the Buzz, Hosanna, Superstar, Everything’s Alright and I Don’t Know How to Love Him.
The entire cast play their full part, wonderful range of singing, and their obvious enjoyment of appearing in this production rubs off on the Milton Keynes
As always the Milton Keynes Theatre is a pleasure to visit, its local, it’s in the vibrant theatre district surrounded by numerous Bars and restaurants, and parking is Free after 6pm. The Theatres own piano Bar has a great atmosphere as the expectant audience gather before the show. The Theatre staff are as always friendly helpful and welcoming.
Camelot, Lancelot Laughalot at Spamalot
Spamlot Starts with a Finnish at Milton Keynes Theatre.
Well Finnish singing and dancing that is, including Fish slapping.
Joe Pasquale is billed as star of the show as King Arthur, however despite his popularity he is out performed by the lady of the lake Sarah Earnshaw, whose wonderful voice we heard between the Pythonesque comedy scenes. The show is based on the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail, with the odd other python references including a rendition of Always Look on the Bright Side of the Life’
Following Mr Pasquale around the stage with his coconuts for horse’s hooves is his real life son Joe Tracini, who has obviously inherited his father’s comic funny bones and timing.
Other highlights were the Knights who say Ni, the French Taunter, the Black Knight who never gives up, and Herbert’s Guards.
In the second half of the show that turns pantomimesque, with several references to Milton Keynes, topical celebrities and recent events, and concludes with and audience member being brought onto stage, and subjected to some gentle mickey taking from the cast.
Mr Pasquale does have opportunities to bring to the fore his well-known personality including some “prepared” ad libbing, and making other members of the cast laugh, although he may well not be in the shake down for the end of year singing and dancing awards.
Overall a fun show, good music, good venue and a cast who looked like they thoroughly enjoyed what they were doing.
Have You Booked Your Tickets to see the Fabulous Sound of Music at Milton Keynes Theatre?

The Aisles were alive with the Sound of Music as the tour came to a packed Milton Keynes theatre, The show is based is on the true story of the Von Trapp family, a love story set in a climate of political change when Austria was annexed by Nazi Germany prior to word war 2.

The lead role is played by winner of BBC talent show Over the Rainbow. Danielle Hope, who has effortlessly moved from the role of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz to that of Maria.

The story begins with disruptive Maria a novice at an Abbey in the Austrian mountains, agreeing with the Mother Abbess that she should be allowed to take on the temporary role of a governess for a local family of 7 children, to allow her to enjoy fresh air and her passion for singing.

The Children’s strict widowed father is played by Stephen Houghton, who initially discourages Maria’s attempts to sing with his offspring, however his outlook changes as he sees the positive effect it has on them, and in turn his relationship with them.

The singing performances from the entire cast are wonderful from the Mother Abbess down to the youngest of the children. But star of the show unsuprisingly is Dannielle who is as near to Julie Andrews as makes no odds.

The audience was made up of all ages and the show is equally appealing to all of them

For a touring show one surprising thing is the quality of the set, from the Abbey to the Von Trap home. The scene changes are seamless, and along with the lighting and music you really get the atmospheric feeling of an ancient religious building in the Abbey Scenes.

The show is uplifting and you will be toe tapping along with the familiar show songs including

My Favourite things
Sixteen going On Seventeen
the Lonely Goatherd
So Long Farewell
Climb Every Mountain
And of course the Sound of Music
First things first if you are going to see the stage show Barnum, make sure you take your seats a good 10 minutes before the scheduled start. The supporting cast appear amongst the seats performing juggling, hoopla, a variety of handstands and more, building a great atmosphere before the curtain rises.
The show at Milton Keynes Theatre for one week only is based on the true story of Phineas Taylor Barnum, who was an extraordinary American showman.
There was much love for Star of the show Brian Conley the moment he stepped onto the stage, he acts, sings, performs magic and performs circus skills as well. He also adds his own familiar comic flair, with audience members in the front row drawn into his routine.
The story introduces PT Barnum just before he sets up his famous American Museum in New York in the mid-1800s. A family man with a savvy wife, Chairey played by Linzi Hateley.
Highlights of the museum are a 160-year-old lady who with a slight marketing amendment attracts the crowds, a 25-inch man, who he names Tom Thumb, clever use of props and scenery bring Thumb into scale.
Barnum then recruits his famous “Nightingale” Jenny Lind, played by Kimberley Blake whose wonderful operatic voice charms the audience. There is an obvious chemistry between Barnum and Lind as their show tours America, however the story continues he passes over her contract, and returns home to Chairey. Eventually he agrees to a partnership to establish a spectacular three ring circus and the shows finale plays out.
The costumes and set compliment the great cast, and the lighting especially in the Black and White scene very effective.
Barnum is at Milton Keynes Theatre until Saturday, May 16th there are very few Tickets available but you may be lucky try online at or from the box office.
We enjoyed a great night out on Tuesday 5th May at Milton Keynes Theatre watching the smash hit film The King’s Speech, adapted for the stage.

The production is set against a wooden backdrop with doors and window openings that allow the set to be transformed into different rooms seamlessly. The smooth transition from each scene is even enjoyable to watch.

Raymond Coulthard takes on the role of King George VI or as he is affectionately known, Bertie and brilliantly portrays the frustration caused by a speech impediment. You’re willing him on at every stutter. Playing the Queen Mother is Claire Lams who provides some comedy value with her austere sarcasm particularly towards Lionel Logue, Bertie’s speech therapist. Jason Donovan plays the part of the amateur dramatic Australian brilliantly; it’s easy to see his friendship with George VI blossom on stage.

The audience is taken through some prominent moments in British history. From the death of King George V, to Edward VIII’s romance with Wallace Simpson and subsequent abdication, Bertie and Elizabeth remain as strong as ever. The ending scene where Bertie delivers his speech is a triumph for all watching. After Bertie and Lionel shake hands and declare their newly found friendship, the audience erupted into applause and stood to show their appreciation for such an enjoyable production.
We had the privilege of watching the Mel Brooks musical – The Producers tonight at the MK theatre and on the back of it, I cannot recommend it enough. The brilliantly bizarre comedy show features well-known stars such as Jason Manford, Phil Jupitus, Louis Spence and David Bedella. Who knew that the funny Manchester man Jason Manford could act, sing and dance so naturally in a main role as Leo Bloom; an accountant dreaming of becoming a broadway producer; all whilst constantly supplying genius pieces of comedy I might add. He is complimented by the other main star of the show – Cory English, who plays Max Bialystock, a broadway producer whose career has taken a nose dive, and will seemingly do anything to get it back on track! His scene in jail was a personal highlight as he did a recap of the entire show so far through the medium of comical song and dance. I couldn’t have cast a more suitable person myself for the role that Phil Jupitus took on; Franz Liebkind, a rumbustious escaped Nazi that wrote the play that the two producers decide to use as their ‘guaranteed flop’ in order to make a quick buck. As you may expect, Louis Spence teamed with David Bedella create some wonderfully camp, and side splittingly funny scenes. The entrance of Ulla, a Swedish actress auditioning for the play, quickly balances this out as she strips down, dances and quick changes in a racy number. This is a production that doesn’t take itself too seriously, which makes it all the funnier, with a relaxed and happy atmosphere. The stars of the show quite literally provide a laugh a minute from the onset and throughout.
The Full Monty - Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes theatre is playing host to The Full Monty this week and I was lucky enough to be one of the first people through the door! There was a buzzy feeling within the theatre and everyone could not wait for the show to get started.

The show began with a bang and quickly got into the various storylines which ran through the show along side each other, touching on issues we do still have in today's society that were also common problems back when the show was set, but of course they were made to be light and funny.

Cast members such as Gary Lucy, most famous for his stint on The Bill and Eastenders was the star of the show in my eyes. He was well rehearsed and took well to the role, like he'd been playing it for years!

My most favourite part was the end, but not because I wanted it to end! After an hour or so of watching a group of scruffy middle aged men try to dance around in their undies they finally conquered the routine and took to the stage with a hilarious and rather raunchy striptease which was enjoyed by everyone, including the small percentage of male spectators who had clearly been dragged along by their partners!

The Full Monty is definitely a show that I would go to see again and have recommended to my friends and family. A fun, feel good show which will have you all in stitches.
Last night my wife and I visited Milton Keynes Theatre to see the first night of Dreamboats and Miniskirts, the sequel to the successful Dreamboats and Petticoats. The story moves on into the early sixties and we were treated to 40 songs from that era, all sung live and all music played live. The cast clearly enjoying their roles, and the plot punctuated with comic lines penned by the award winning writers Laurence Marks and Maurice Gran.
Prior to the show and at the interval we visited the impressive Piano Bar in the Theatre Foyer, lots of space and not crowded like West End Theatre bars tend to be. The resident pianist helping to give the bar a unique relaxed atmosphere.
Tonight my wife and I went to Milton Keynes Theatre for the first time, and what great night it was from start to finish. The theatre staff were welcoming, friendly and very helpful. We had the pleasure of seeing The Wiz which I cannot recommend enough. If you get a chance you must see this show, for such a youthful cast the performance was outstanding even down to the finer details like the costume designs. I honestly can't fault the performance at all, even Toto the dog was faultless. You can really tell so much hard work and effort has been put into the show, so a huge well done and thank you to everyone involved you made our night!
I visited the theatre on Friday night with my parents and my little boy to watch Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and it was a great experience. It was the first time my lad had been to a panto and he wants to go back again already, it's going to be difficult to explain to him why he has to wait a whole year! Anyway, the theatre staff were great, the acting was excellent and there was something for everyone in the show. You really won't be disappointed and if you haven't yet been you really should go. Fantastic venue and fantastic show Thank You.
I'm a big fan of MK theatre after seeing numerous shows there now. The new Piano Bar in the foyer is looks fantastic and the theatre itself it's spacious, comfortable and inviting. As local theatres go, Milton Keynes is extremely lucky to have such a great one on its doorstep.
I went to see Carnaby Street last night and it was a great night all round. The service was great, the show was great and the obvious due care and attention to everything was handled spot on by the theatre. Thanks for a great night.
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