Winter Check to Save Money
3rd February 2009
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A Winter Check can save you break downs and expensive car repair bills.

All this snow and bad weather means that driving can be hazardous. Is your car in tip top condition? You might want to call Graham Skinner Motor Services for a Winter Check up. Click here for more details.

With winter right here, servicing your car can help eliminate the impact of wear and tear that can lead to a risk of breakdown or accident. Prevention is better than cure. Now is the time to have your car services ready for the winter. By arranging to have your car serviced with Graham Skinner now, you will be able to catch problems early, while there's still time to fix them.

Driving in the dark during winter months means people are more likely to leave their lights on, by mistake and drain the battery. Batteries should be kept fully charged.

A car's tyres are checked every year as part the MOT, but it's important to check them again in winter. Wet, slippy roads and snowy conditions will test even the best of treads, so make sure yours tyres are in good condition for winter. It's often worth replacing them.

The effectiveness of your brakes should be checked to ensure that your pads and discs (or drums) are in good condition.

Wipers, washers and lights
These are obviously used a lot during winter. It is therefore vital to make sure they are in good condition and won't let you down during the winter.

Too often people top up during the year with water, and then once the temperature in the winter drops, the coolant inside your car's engine can freeze, causing big trouble. Antifreeze is especially important for your engine in winter.

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