Team Succeed Despite Avalanche Part 2
8th May 2009
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"We were ascending a steep Col in Chamonix on our first day and myself Rog and Adam where sheltering under a large rock face. Dor and Nick were still 100m metres below, on there way up to us. Suddenly I heard a very loud rushing noise just like a freight train, I turned to my left and it seemed to me that the whole mountain was going past me in a blur. I looked down to Dor still some way below and realised that he would bear the full brunt of the avalanche, seconds later it took him and he completely disappeared beneath tons of heavy wet snow, the avalanche continued its sweep down the mountain for 200 meters before coming to a stop. Dor was no where to be seen and our guide reacted instinctively, barking a series of commands to us to begin our Avalanche search and rescue plans we had been practising so many times over the last ten years - never actually thinking that we would have to use them. Our guide was quickly on the scene, he began to shout Dors name, but to no avail, suddenly from the bottom of the avalanche our guide spotted a hand sticking out from under the snow raised in the air, it was Dor, he was fine sustaining no more than a bloody nose. We all crowded around asking questions all at once, in what turned out to be an emotional reunion. The Avalanche also hit Nick but he managed to stay on the surface and sustained only minor burn injuries to his arm."

After regrouping at the bottom of the mountain and much discussion it was decided that because of the incident that the team should continue albeit without Dor.

The team hope that people will mark their achievement by giving generously to the fundraising for Disability Snowsport UK. People can either donate at the Garden centre or post in their donations for this very worthy cause. John covered all his own expenses during the expedition, but would like to thank all of his sponsors including Salomon, Atomic, Falke, Ortovox and Scarpa.

"It's fantastic that I get to use all this great kit, all of which we stock and sell at the Grange, through testing the gear in the harshest conditions it gives me the opportunity to advise our customers with confidence."

John who with his wife Louise, owns the Grange Garden Centre and Alpine Restaurant, explained how the Grange chose to fundraise and how they chose their charity -

"Following an extensive search, we have chosen Disability Snow Sport UK as our charity, because our team at the Grange love anything to do with mountains. Together with so much of our business being of a mountain theme; from selling alpine flowers, our licensed Alpine Restaurant that includes authentic alpine cuisine, and our new Grange outdoor department selling skis, snowboards sledges, in fact, anything you might need for the mountains.

We wanted to support a charity that helped people enjoy the mountains and chose Disability snow sport because they take people who are disadvantaged and give them the chance to take part."

Disability Snowsport UK have been providing services for disabled people since 1976 with activities taking place in the UK, Europe and N.America. Alongside providing recreational activities, DSUK also run the British Adaptive Ski Team and had three skiers in the Paralympics at Turin.
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