Snow no problem for River Nene Organic Vegboxes
15th February 2009
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Delighted customers have been contacting James and Ruth North from River Nene Organic Vegboxes to thank them for their special effort to continue to deliver their Vegboxes during the bad weather recently. The snow over the last 2 weeks has caused many problems, ...schools and businesses closing....buses struggling to get to and van drivers stranded on the hills surrounding Melton Mowbray.....slippery pavements.....pipes freezing and bursting. However, the snow it seems, was 'no problem' for River Nene, who deliver from Melton Mowbray right across to Burton on Trent. Customers were very impressed that their organic vegetables were still delivered to their homes. For some customers, there was no postman, no milkman,.....but ...there WAS their usual great quality and variety of organic vegetables! No wonder James and Ruth have so many great testimonials from their happy customers!

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