No Blog Entries as I've been on Holiday
26th May 2008
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Sorry that this Blog has been left to fend for itself for the last 2 weeks, only I've been on holiday. Have just come back from a canoe camping trip to Sweden. Highly recommended if you fancy something a bit different - but if you've not done much canoeing before choose an easy route and wait until later in the season! We had plenty of hail and snow (mid May 08) but with a fair share of sunshine as well. I've never known a country where the weather changes so quickly - we had hail and sunshine all within the hour on a number of ocassions! The scenery was great, including the wildlife of ospreys and beavers. The outfitter we used was we did the Glasogen Tour A, 110km all on lakes, which included 8 portages, three of them 5km. Camping is all wild, except for one campsite, but the Swedes are great at providing fireplaces and sometimes shelters in their National Parks.
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