Fire at Melton Borough Council Offices
1st June 2008
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Dreadful news about the fire at the Melton Borough Council Offices, which started at 7.30am on Friday 30 May. Luckily, with it starting so earlier only a few people were in the building - thank goodness no-one was injured. It's goood thing these days that computer records are backed off and stored off the premises for businesses. However, there still must be loads of useful and important paperwork that has been lost in the blaze.

Anyone needing immediate help with housing or are homeless over thsi weekend should contact Harborough District Council on 01858 828282. From Monday 2 June, you can ring their Customers Services number: 01664 502502. The council have their emergency plan in operation. Obviously the council will try and restore a normal service as soon as possible, but it will probably mean departments working in a number of different locations. For further information, visit the Melton Online website:

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