Calling All Vegetarians!
12th April 2008
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Steve Evans at The Eating House in Melton Mowbray is asking vegetarians to get in contact with him with their favourite recipes.  I am told that most vegetarians are rather fed up of going to restaurants and being faced with the usual rather limited menu for them.  Often the range for non vegetarians is vast and all freshly cooked....and then there's the 'vegetarian option' often out of the freezer and into the microwave. 

Well, at The Eating House, Steve already cooks a lovely range of freshly cooked vegetarian meals, all using local ingredients....but he isn't satisfied.  He's therefore asking vegetarians to email him with any recipes or dishes that they absolutely love....and he'll consider using them in his restaurant!  He'd also like to hear if vegetarians would be interested in him organising a special night, perhaps once a month, with a real focus on vegetarian dishes (he'd include some non veggy dishes as well - after all especially if a group wanted to go, then he could cater for everyone). 

Anyway, please let Steve and Mandy at The Eating House know what you think on or by replying to this Blog.

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