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26th May 2008
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We're looking for authors for our Melton Mowbray Blog. I'm afraid these aren't paid positions, but will give you the chance to tell local people about things that you consider important or interesting. Blog authors should be non political, and remember that this is the BEST of Melton Mowbray - we're not looking for hostility or to upset anyone - we're looking for information to help local people and visitors get the best from their social lives and from the local area! We have no problem with you not liking something or writing about a problem, but we expect it to be done fairly and with no intention to offend anyone.

Could you be a Blog Author? Here are some ideas for Blog Authors:

  • Someone who loves to visit local places e.g. The Theatre, local plays, great pubs/ restaurants and places or interest, who would be willing to write about them.

  • Are you involved with Sport in Melton and would be willing to post up local club football, cricket etc. results and maybe write up some match reports?

  • Do you do local walks or cycle rides? Could you write details about them up on the Blog which local people could follow, including good places to eat?

  • Do you have an active family? How about a Blog about information for families in Melton, places to do, things to do - accounts of how much fun your family had etc.

  • Are you retired? What is there to do for the retired in Melton - could you give lots of ideas to help people stay active and make new friends?

  • Are you currently on a diet? - could your experiences help to support yourself and others through this process? - remember people can reply to posts on the Blog.

  • Are you a student, who would like to write about things influencing or effecting young people in Melton or about great things for young people to be involved in? Perhaps you fancy some experience for your CV with a view ot future employment? If you are under 18, you would need to get your parent's permission.

If you are interested then click here to send me an email, or you can ring 01664 550005 if you want ot discuss your ideas.

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