Dickinson and Morris, Ye Olde Pork Pie Shoppe

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Their range of sausages is fantastic, in my humble opinion, the 'Rutland' sausage has got to be one of the best in the country. Nice, friendly and helpful staff too.
a SHOP WHICH HAAS IN THE PAST BEEN OF HIGH STANDARD FOR SERVICE AND QUALITY IS NOW LET ME TELL All totally incapable of dealing with urgent telephionwe calls. not only does this inconvenience but at a week end will most likely lead to ruined product
Very nice Pork Pies, and amazing breakfast rolls !
OMG! I received a hamper from these people. Iʼd never heard of them before but it was gorgeous. The Pork Pie I guess I expected to be good - and it was. Better than any I can remember from my home in Yorkshire, but it was the Hunt Cake and the chutneys that really made an impression. This is excellent fare, top top quality, and the hampers really do make a perfect gift.
I booked a Pork Pie Evening and buffet for one of my Best of Melton Mowbray networking events for local business owners and managers. People had a super time and I have had a number of emails and comments from people saying how much they enjoyed themselves. Stephen Hallam took us through the process of pork pie making, together with lots of interested facts along the way. We had a great time (with varying degrees of success) making our own pork pies...followed by a buffet of D&M food - all excellent. I collected the pie I made today - doesnʼt look as good as the ones in the shop, but it tasted delicious! My thanks to Stephen for a super evening.
I attended a learn it yourself pork pie making evening at Dickinson & Morris and thought it terrific. Stephen and his team have something really special in their place and products and the pride in what they do oozes from them. We try only to use the best at Stapleford Park to deliver something special - Stephen does the same. Hurray for Dickinson & Morris Pork Pies, and Hunt cake, and sausage rolls, and chutneys....etc!
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