Make your celebration extra special with a bespoke cake
23rd July 2015
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It is an unwritten rule that at a celebration, be it a birthday, anniversary, wedding, christening etc. there needs to be cake! A bad cake, however, can ruin the festivities and be a dampener on the day. Getting a cake from the supermarket has it benefits as you can pick it up with your weekly shop but anyone who has tasted handmade against a shop brought one  will be able to tell you there is no comparison, handmade will win hands down!

Getting a cake from the supermarket means that you will have to have what they have in stock at that time, they can be dry and you may even end up with no cake if they have run out! This would be an unmitigated disaster so why run the risk of it in the first place? The best cakes are always handmade with love and care and, when decorated too, can add the perfect finishing touch to whatever celebration.

By hiring someone, such as Denise, to make your cake for you not only are you getting something that will taste heavenly but you will be able to choose your flavour. Supermarkets have a choice of Victoria sponge or chocolate but what if your favourite is lemon drizzle, coffee or carrot? You’d be out of luck with the supermarkets but having a bespoke cake made for you leave your choices open.

If choice of flavour wasn’t enough, you will be able to have a cake that exactly matches the occasion and person from whom the cake is for. If they love gardening, golf, motor racing, dogs, cats or have a favourite film or character then the cake can be made with just them in mind adding something really special to the occasion. Wedding and anniversary cakes can be made to complement the couple and show their personality with a design that really reflects them.

If you’ve got a celebration coming up then get in contact with Denise’s Cakes for All Occasions today! She has a wealth of experience behind her and there aren’t many cake designs that she won’t have made. Go on, make that event truly special by commissioning a one off, bespoke cake just for you! 

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