What makes a really good restaurant?
23rd September 2016
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Dining out regularly is an expensive business and for many of us is usually a way of marking a special treat or family occasion. Receiving a good experience is really important but the real question is what makes a really good restaurant and what should you look out for to confirm you’ve made a good choice.

Life has been made easier for us through the popularity of websites that enable customers to be able to leave a review such as Trip Advisor and thebestof. Before booking a table anywhere it’s always a good idea to take a look at other diner’s experiences and double check to see if there has been any recent issues or complaints.

It’s not to say that a really good restaurant must have 0 negative reviews, after all some people can never be pleased and we all have such different expectations and tastes. If you do come across any bad feedback, ask yourself if it sounds like a genuine complaint or someone just being picky and most importantly look to see how the restaurant deals with it. A really good restaurant will be vigilant towards these websites and will closely monitor the testimonials, normally responding personally to each one.

A really good restaurant will normally be ‘appropriately busy’. This does not mean bursting at the seams and of course in order to enjoy an unhurried social experience you don’t want the noise level to be too high but on the other hand there’s nothing worse than being the only diners to occupy an eerily silent room. Another important factor is creating a great atmosphere is the spacing of the tables, you don’t want to be sat so close to another group of people that you can hear every word of their conversation and if the back of your chair touches that of another diner’s you may want to consider moving elsewhere.

Service is a key element to any really good restaurant and whilst important to be attentive, you don’t want to be overly fussed over when trying to enjoy your meal and relax into conversation. Timing here is everything and although you ideally want a gap between courses you really don’t want to be sat there for three quarters of an hour waiting for dessert or even worse the bill.

Saving the most important element of a really good restaurant until last… great food is paramount! Style of food Is of course down to each of our individual tastes but a really good restaurant will offer food which is comprised of good quality fresh ingredients, well-seasoned and of an appropriate temperature. If you are looking for a really good restaurant in Manchester consider Jasmine based in Chorlton who offer authentic middle eastern cuisine, impeccable service and an impressive portfolio of 5* reviews from their loyal customer base. To make a reservation call 0161 881 1442 

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