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Down to earth, results-driven marketing services in Manchester. Rapport Marketing provides local independent businesses with effective marketing services, targeted at their ideal clients

Rapport Marketing is brought to you by the same people who own and run thebestof Manchester and provides SMEs with specialist marketing services. We help our clients attract, convert and retain their ideal customer.






Client Avatar

Before working with any client, we want to ensure that you know who you want as customers, so we help you put together a customer avatar. This includes things such as size of company, location, turnover etc. So from the beginning we have a clear understanding of who your ideal client is.

Social Media

Facebook and Twitter are where your customers hang out and used in the correct way will raise your profile, increase your exposure and generate more customer enquiries.

We know that most business owners use Facebook and Twitter to a certain extent but few have the time to truly understand how to reap the marketing benefits, after all you have to do what only you can do and that's running your business.

At Rapport Marketing we don't just post content, and we don't just focus on building your likes and followers. Afterall what is the point of having a huge fan base, if they are not interested in what you're selling. We set up or clean up your social accounts first and maximize them for searches. We then research and post a variety of content, and develop a strategy to engage and grow your target market.

Rapport Marketing is ideal for businesses who do not want the headaches of employing a dedicated social media manager. Our outsourced service is all about working smarter, not harder, making the playing field with your big competitors far more level.

Email Marketing

The art of email marketing is to send out relevant content to relevant people, so that your company is the one they think of when they are in a position to purchase. People don't like being sold to, but they do like to buy, so sending regular emails that inform and engage help build rapport and trust with your target audience and position you as an expert in your field.

We ensure that your emails are designed in such a way that the content is not too salesy, but provides the reader with useful information, knowledge and even humour - so they get to know the people behind your brand.

Market Strategy

From attracting customers to retaining clients we can help formulate the journey, ensuring that your prospects and clients are engaged along the way.

One issue we find prevalent among businesses is the desire to focus on marketing to attract new customers, when selling additional services to an existing client base is so much easier and cost effective. And there is no greater attraction to a new client than glowing testimonials from existing customers.

At Rapport Marketing we can help, just contact us for your a free hour long marketing review.

As owners of thebestof Manchester, we have the perfect platform to give your business a boost, and significantly increase your exposure to your targeted market. A perfect partnership to help your business grow.

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