Zumba away this Sunday!
21st July 2010
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It's mid July and the weather has been tres glorious with endless sunny days, plenty of great local places to visit and the beautiful Malvern Hills to explore. I’m a keen walker, love nothing more than to take in stunning views, amble down country lanes and lie in the long grass of a quiet summer meadow.


But, what if you like to be a little bit more energetic, have a need to get a little bit more physical…and ‘erm…loose a few pounds? Well I know a fantastic local Dance School that holds a great class called ‘ZUMBA’.


Sunday mornings can be great for lazing in bed; reading the papers and pondering about your day ahead…but, why not try something a little different and kick start your energy levels like never before!


The Dance in Motion ZUMBA class is a fusion of Latin rhythms and easy moves that help you burn calories and tone your body. It’s fantastic, fun and you’re sure to love the energetic music and rhythms the class offers.



I dare you to try something different this Sunday…go on give it a go, book yourself in for Dance In Motions ZUMBA class and raise those energy levels!


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