Would you like to shine this year?
10th January 2011
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It’s Monday morning once again, and rather dark despite it being almost 10.00am and coffee time. I know many people like the traditional 11.00am coffee break, but for me that’s far too late! So bring on the coffee, the biscuits and the left over Christmas goodies that lurk in the back of the cupboard and lets enjoy a few of those simple January pleasures…yum!


There are other ways to brighten your day, indeed brighten your professional image. Julie Thomas at ‘Full of Bright Ideas’ has some fantastic offers available for you throughout January and the next few months. So if you need logos, branding, basic website design or stationary these are all part of the package she offers.

Full of Bright Idea Facts

Brightness: Immeasurable
Estimated Cost Saving: Boundless
Life: Loads of it
Light appearance: Warm and welcoming
Energy used: Creative with a level of logic


Switch for Savings  

Go on, have a chat with Julie and see how she can make you shine this year!


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