Why remembering to vaccinate dogs is important
9th June 2011
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When "Buster" my Golden Retreiver stopped leaping all over me and the kids we always made sure he had a quick and painless visit to the vet so when he inevitably stuck his nose just about everywhere he could we new he was protected. Sadly "Buster" passed away through old age but will always be remembered for running off, exploring and then rushing back to make sure we were still there. A trusted friend, loved and missed by us all.

Vaccination is when your vet gives your dog a type of medicine called a "vaccine". Usually this is injected with a needle into the skin towards the back of the neck. The injection will not last forever so regular booster vaccines, probably annually, will make sure your pet is protected. Your dog will not feel any different but will be protected against some really nasty illnesses.

Cheers "Buster"

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