West Fest 2011
24th June 2011
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I've been attending West Fest since it began in 2005. At least, I think that's when the first one was held. The reason I knew about it was because back then I lived in a house that was practically right across the street! The music called to me, (it was loud and outdoors, so of course I heard it) so I walked over hill and dale to check it out. I'm glad I did because I also met a fellow American that year, who was performing at West Fest 2005 on the day.


Since 2005 West Fest has grown. There are more stalls and more musicians for everyone to enjoy. One local artist who will be selling her jewellery at West Fest 2011 is Anna Clifton. She lives in West Malvern too! She not only sells her beautiful creations, she holds courses to teach jewellery making as well. Check out her website for more information.


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