Vanfest 2011
30th August 2011
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I love it when Vanfest comes to Malvern.


There's a game I used to play with my siblings when I was a child growing up in America. As we'd drive around in the car, we'd call out, "slugbug green!" This was to indicate that one of us had spotted a Volkswagen Beetle in the colour of green. The caller got 1 point. Red Beetles were 5 points, and if you saw a Volkswagen Van you'd shout out, "beaver orange!"


Beaver reds were worth 15 points! By the end of the journey, the passenger with the most points wins when the car is turned off. Obviously I've taught this game to my kids. The Slugbug Game.


So this is why we love it when Vanfest comes to Malvern. We get to score way more Slugbug game points!


Vanfest is being held at the Three Counties Showground from the 9th - 11th September. If you attend Vanfest and/or have a Volkswagen Van of your own, why not leave a business recommend for local mechanics who help keep your Van on the road. Don't forget, share your Slugbug scores and past, present and future Vanfest experiences with everyone here at the Best of Malvern in the comments below!

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