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22nd February 2011
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To save money this year, our family will only book one or two overseas travel destinations. Any other holidays will be at various spots around the UK. I certainly don't mind travelling around the UK for the rest of the year, as an expat of America I'm happy to explore more of Malvern.


Another way we're saving on travel expenses is to book early. Easytravel Travel Agents on Worcester Road provide travel service to destinations all over the world. Which is great as we plan to visit friends and family in America this year. If we do take another holiday overseas, we'll definitely go to Spain again.


The best thing about booking early with a travel agency is the convenience. Easytravel holiday packages combine travel needs into one easy holiday package, so when it comes time to travel all I've really got to worry about is the (slightly manic) job of packing.


Talking of travels, Princess Anne will be travelling all the way to Malvern tomorrow, she's going to officially open the new Malvern hospital. The American in me loves the royals. I'll attend the hospital opening ceremony, then I'll blog about it right here on The Best of Malvern tomorrow.


I blogged about WR15 yesterday and the Easytravel Travel Agency is merely two shops down from the salon. Which means after today's walk on the Malvern hills, I can stop in at Easytravel and book my holidays. Easy...

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