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29th September 2011
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It's hot, and the warm weather is not going to stop. Until maybe Sunday. I've been watching the weather forecast on the news and it looks like the warm weather is going to continue over the weekend. Nice! It might be overcast on Sunday, but it will still be warm and it doesn't look like it's going to rain.


I heard about this heatwave last week. Who knows how long the warm weather is going to continue? Why not treat your gardens to a little more maintaining during this lovely time of year? The sun is shing, there's a cooling breeze in the air. Get your garden parties in before even colder Autumn weather sets in.


Make sure your lawns are prestine and the leaves are raked up. Three Counties Garden Services caters to both domestic and business landscaping. They'll make sure your garden is tidy and maintained with their expert garden services.

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