Therapeutic Massage Demonstration
28th June 2011
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Everyone knows cats know how to relax, most of them sleep for 20 hours in a 24 hour period! Okay so maybe we don't exactly have enough time to sleep as felines do, but similarly we could all do with a bit more relaxation.


There's a therapy demonstration starting today at Belle Hair, which runs every day through the 7th of July. You'll be able to learn all about therapeutic massage techniques and how to de-stress within your life. You can also find out about other treatments that are available at Belle Hair by stopping by to enjoy this therapy demo opportunity.


You can also, visit Karina Speaks at Therapeutic Sports Massage for other physio treatments, whatever repairs your muscles need.


Is there a massage therapist in particular you visit? Share your views with us here at the Best of Malvern in a testimonial or a place of business recommendation.

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