The Power of Massage, Yoga and the Mind.
28th July 2010
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I continue to hobble about….the jasmine continues to grow and my list continues to frustrate me. I wonder more and more about the mind/body connection. Can our thoughts have a direct effect on our health? I think they do.


I believe the thoughts that we have and the words we use every day create the lives we live and in turn affect our health and our experiences. In short we are our thoughts.


Hmm…I think perhaps I need to enroll again in my local Yoga class, learn to once again take time out, relax properly and listen to my body more. To understand that when things ache a little it’s probably time to rest and forget the ever growing list that I sometimes allow to take over me.


I believe a mix of Yoga and massage will soon get me back on my feet and dashing about….but not too quickly!


If you are interested in how massage can aid you, why not talk to Karina Speaks a Therapeutic and Sports Massage Therapist.



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