The Malvern Hills
24th August 2010
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Whether you live locally or are visiting the area, the beautiful Malvern Hills cannot escape your attention. They stand as a spectacular backdrop for the many excellent shops, galleries and eateries we have in the town.

It’s no wonder that J.R.R Tolkien found such inspiration in the beautiful landscape of the Hills. The pathways and ridges of the hills continually change their look depending on the season. I’ve walked them on the hottest summer’s day and the coldest winters’ evening….their beauty always captivates me.

Locally we have many great Hotels; one in particular is nestled away with tremendous views. The Cottage in The Wood is well known and with direct access onto the hills makes a wonderful place to explore the hills from, enjoy afternoon teas, and settle to some fine dining in the evening.

Best of all they have ‘Reviver Breaks’ so why not indulge a little and recharge those batteries!




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