Summer in Malvern
15th July 2011
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If you have friends, family or even clients visiting Malvern this summer, invite them to stay at one of the many accomodations this website promotes.


If you select to view the A-Z of the Best of Malvern, you’ll see special offers listed beside each business.

One of the greatest things to do in Malvern are walks on the hills, but there are so many other attractions, activities and places to frequent in this lovely town. For information on Days Out and more, be sure to visit the Events tab on this website.

Every day I go out into the “wilds” of Malvern. I’m a practicing novel writer, so I love to observe places, nature and people. I preteded to theorise yesterday that the reason Malvern has such a diverse culture of residence, begins with the fact that this town is such a lovely place to retire. I made up a little story in my head that said: the families and friends of individuals who retire here visit Malvern and become instantly hooked on the place. They’re like, “wow! Malvern is gorgeous and I think I want to live here!” So they move on in, raise their families and enjoy all the Best of Malvern and everything nature and its people offer.

Course, there are many more reasons for the populace of Malvern. What’s your residential story? Tell me all about it in the comments box below this blog post. Cheers and toodle pip!

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