Summer fades into Autumn
6th September 2010
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Summer and autumn fuse into each a mild wonder of too-soft days."H.E. Bates, "Through the Woods"
A ripe month for lush fruit and veggies, September brings a harvest of plump wild blackberries, juicy plums and crisp apples. As the weather starts to cool enjoy what the month of September has to offer. Autumn gives us the opportunity to enjoy the last moments of warmth from the sun before the fresher cooler weather approaches.
For me the Autumn season is a time to:-
• Make bowls of warming soup
• Light cinnamon scented candles on dull days.
• Enjoy the beautiful forest colours
• Scuff through dry leaves
• Collect pine cones for Christmas displays
• Sew with wool, tweeds and corduroys
• Snuggle on the couch under homemade quilts
• Bake bread
• Savour the last fruits of summer - plums, berries and apple
• Sip mugs of hot chocolate
• Dig out warm cozy sweaters, socks and boots

How easy it is to miss the little things in life that bring such pleasure….why not embrace and enjoy all that Autumn has to offer.

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