Suede and leather shoes and boots in 30 colour combinations
11th October 2011
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Zinnia as all you gardening buffs will know, is the name of a flower and it's one that Zinnia rather like. Being the old romantics they are they believe the giving and receiving of flowers - and other gifts - is a good thing. Gifts are what we are about; more specifically, Zinnia brings you gorgeous gifts and precious pressies to treasure - all from Egypt..

Suede and leather shoes and boots in 30 colour combinations, Suede and leather hats, gloves and belts, Suede and leather handbags and Fair Trade Egyptian cotton scarves. 

The people of Egypt like vibrant colours so Zinnia bring shoes and accessories in 8-10 bright colours per style. They also like soft rich natural materials such as the world famous Egyptian cotton which is what our fair trade scarves and wraps are made of. 

Because they make their products; shoes, boots, handbags, hats, gloves and belts from the same high quality goat and beef leather using the same shades of colour they are able to give you the opportunity to mix and match your shoes with your belts, your hats with your handbags, your gloves with your hats and all high quality products made from natural materials at a competitive price.

Zinnia adopts ethical trading principles in dealing with its suppliers. This is what they do: 

Work with manufacturers who employ adult workforce, work in a healthy environment and pay fair wages. Buy their own leather from reputable tanners in Egypt to ensure high quality of material and manufacturing processes. Pay for products up front in local currency so that suppliers are not at the mercy of currency fluctuations and they endeavour to use recycled materials in packaging and shipping 

 Zinnia take pleasure in meeting and talking to people, so please feel free to email, ring or write to them with your comments: 

Happy shopping! 

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