St Davids Day
1st March 2010
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As I still have no eggs from my lazy chickens I will resort to making a pot of home made leek and potato soup…this being my way of celebrating St Davids Day….no I’m not Welsh, do not own a woollen shawl and the only apron I will be wearing today is one to stop my soup splashing me as I toil over a hot stove…..Later as I settle at my dining room table, I will reflect upon the day and enjoy my hearty my home made creation…You'll be glad to know, all is more snow has been forecast and the garden is looking especially green the middle of this very pretty Spa town life really is quite a treat.

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I live at the edge of a pretty little town at the foot of the Malvern Hills, where days are long and always sunny, my house tidy, cupboards full, and the washing pile non existent...hmm maybe not.

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