Spring Gardening, Shows and Babies Breath
20th April 2010
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As I bundled myself into the car and headed for work this morning, I couldn’t help but notice how much colour was in my front garden…..it seems that all of a sudden Spring has finally sprung!


I’m no gardening expert, but I do know the names of a few of the shrubs and flowers that adorn my garden path….and how lovely they are looking too! It took me to wondering why a plant would be called ‘Babies Breath’.  Could it be the milky whiteness of the flowers perhaps? Or maybe it’s delicate appearance? I pondered about this for some time, until I decided that it really didn’t matter what the plant was called, or why it had such an odd  name….so long as the flowers stayed for as long as possible, at least until Summer really got under way.


The Malvern Spring Gardening Show is only a few weeks away. In the past I have spent many hours browsing the floral displays at this rather lovely event, gathering together ideas and exploring ways to add a touch of loveliness to my little garden. Hmmm, I wonder if they have ideas to stop chickens scratching and rummaging the border and leaving rather large amounts of pooh over the lawn. I think not. At least I now have a steady supply of gorgeous eggs for breakfast…the little darlings are now in full egg laying swing….long may it continue!


If you fancy a great day out, why not visit The Malvern Spring Gardening Show, you’ll see a host of fantastic gardens, shrubs and all things ‘outdoorsy’…and the chance to see Grange Farm Nursery who have designed a garden around the theme ‘A Journey in Time’.  Fantastic!

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