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10th March 2011
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I only rent a flat, but if I owned my own home I'd definitely kit it out with solar panels from Solar Solutions Malvern to lower my carbon footprint and save on my bills. I'm doing what I can for the environment by recycling and not using my car too much. Ideally though, I think electric cars should be more readily available and I don't understand why the building I'm living in doesn't have the option of solar panels being installed.


If you're a home owner though, you can have solar panels installed on your roof. Do your part to save the environment and lower the costs of your power bills. You can find out more about Solar Solutions panels on their website, and don't forget to leave your feedback here at The Best of Malvern. Everyone should be able to find out more about new options that are available when it comes to lowering your carbon footprint and doing your part for the environment. The Best of Malvern website enables that sharing of your experiences with Malvern's businesses.

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