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11th August 2011
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If your car needs a proper cleaning both inside and out, take it to Smart Car Care Valeting. Or if you're thinking about selling your car and want to make it shine its best for potential buyers, Smart Car Care Valeting offers a full car cleaning service complete with under roof and lower carpet shampooing.


If your car is anything like mine though, you'll need extra special attention paid to the polishing of your car's exterior. See, the thing is, I drive an old Vauxhall Astra in the colour of pink, even though it's supposed to be red! The year my car was made is famous for being the same year they invented a terrible paint that fades in the sun.


Fortunately for me all my car needs is a good clean and polish, then I'll be sure to keep in the garage and out of the sun.


For more information on the affordable pricing Smart Car Care Valeting provides, visit their webpages or give them a call on 07872 991286.


Have you received excellent car valeting services from Smart Car Care Valeting? If you have, be sure to recommend their business in a testimonial here at the Best of Malvern.

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