Slippery conditions in Malvern
23rd February 2010
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Are you sitting comfortably?  Then I shall begin… seems a whole week has passed since my last post…dear oh dear the days are flying by…and so little to show for it.  My rather ordinary weekend was spent walking the woods, well slipping actually, as several times I lost my footing and almost landing on the forest floor in a rather unruly heap. It got me to wondering why my little chickens never slip and slide, they have such spindly little legs, yet keep their composure at all times…it appears I have a lot to learn in the art of woodland walking and keeping upright in slippery conditions.



I am at the moment waiting for the dreaded white stuff to fall over the beautiful Malvern Hills again, the weather man has predicted a little fall later today – perhaps it will appear as I am tucking into my lunch, or maybe tonight when I am home, my front door firmly bolted. Whenever it arrives it will surely cause chaos, Malvern does not cope well with snowy conditions…we have too many hills to get up and down…and yes that means too much slipping….It seems I just can’t escape from this problem of keeping upright!

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