Savings as identified by "Which" magazine from Utility Warehouse Discount Club
15th October 2009
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I make no apologies for blogging the benefits of switching utilities to The Utility Warehouse Discount Club. At the office I use Utility Warehouse for Telephone and Broadband (I do not pay gas and electricity) and at home I have the full package of services.

The benefits to me personally are Customer service, accuaracy of bills, ease of understanding my costs for utilities and best of all value for money. The man to talk to is Tim Adams the local agent for Utility Warehouse Discount Club. Tim will not only be able to discuss reducing your utility bills but will also be able to introduce you to savings at a wide range of well known stores such as Boots where an automatic discount of 5% applies. For further information call Tim now on 01684 573677 to find out how you can make instant savings on your utility costs for both home and business. Please mention you found Tim on my blog. Thanks.

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