Pass your driving test with Colin Barrett
15th June 2010
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Well it had to happen sooner or later…..and Saturday was the day my ‘littlest’ passed her driving test! Whooo hoo…it’s celebrations all round, not only for the fact that she passed, but for the fact that I will no longer have to taxi her around. It’s a pleasurable feeling….one less chore to do, a little more me time, a chance to fill the gap with something from the fun list. And goodness me there is one, a very long one indeed!


A huge, huge thank you to Colin Barrett SOS ( School of Skills) for his patience, skill and well for being such a good teacher….I certainly couldn’t have done the job that he did! I recommend him to all learner drivers, he not only teaches you how to drive, he teaches you how to be safe on the roads. Thank you Colin.


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