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4th February 2010
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Welcome to my blog , I think the fact that you are even here reading my ramblings earns you one of those shiny gold sticky stars! Where to begin, at the start I hear you say…Ok, well last year I had an addition to the family – yes an addition, in fact it was two additions. Hmm… 2 rather feathery downy chickens, one black one grey, sadly named Sheryl and Coal, yes it’s awful isn’t it.  I was told by the guys at Squarefox Design that they looked like Eagle chicks, and may not produce the sort of eggs I was hoping for. Well, it has taken them 5 months to learn the art of egg laying, it was as they clucked ‘bon voyage’ to January that the incident happened….2 freshly laid eggs, small, perfectly formed and rather special if I do say so myself were found on their itsy-bitsy beds of hay. I have spent many a moment wondering if the egg laying had caused them any pain – well, being the first time for them - or had it happened easily, a natural stress free occurrence. I will be shouting from the roof tops my rather special news for a while, just until the excitement dies down a little…

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