Mothers Day in Malvern
2nd March 2010
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Mothers Day…

"Do you have a minute? I know you’re busy but Mothers Day is looming….and being a mother myself and knowing how important a day it is…we should be looking forward to our special day in anticipation. We should feel we can do just as we please – no rush, no hassles, no hard and fast rules, just doing as we please just for a day! If I want to I will sit and eat biscuits whilst dropping crumbs over the floor…and not feel the need to hoover them up…or slob on the sofa…magazines piled before me, an endless supply of coffee offerings, I can leave the cleaning for another day…let the children care for those lazy chickens….gleefully stare at the pile of ironing without feeling guilty…I may even leave my bed unmade…shock, horror of such slapdash ways…but just for a day I won’t care!

So come on all you mums….let's enjoy our special day…let's not live to the rules we have made – let's get a little bit sloppy, a little bit carefree and have a day doing just as we please!

A scribbled note for those wishing to spoil us:-

• Tea in bed…and biscuits…nice ones!
• Breakfast prepared…properly!
• Dinner cooked or a table booked in advance – no last minute rush at some dodgy café.
• Offerings of tea and coffee throughout the day.
• A box of chocolates…to nibble on as and when needed.
• Flowers for the table
• No squabbling by anyone!
• The Sunday papers fetched for leisurely browsing

If you fancy something a little more organised you could indulge yourself at The Anchor Inn where Caroline will rustle you up a fabulous lunch….or how about a walk across the beautiful hills, stopping off at The Cottage in The Wood on the way down for a delicious cream tea….perfect!

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