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19th July 2011
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I’ve Malvern blogged about the Morgan Motor Company before, about how I wanted to hire one of their cars for a day this summer. I just realised someone else would have to hire it out for me and take me on a cross country ride in it, because I can only drive automatic transmission vehicles, not manual shift cars!

So much for my testing out racecars on a track someday, as was my life long dream. Okay not really, but I would like to experience one of those adventure gifts of a day on the road behind the wheel of one of these. Oh and I could also never drive cars for that show Top Gear, not only because I can’t drive a stick shift, but also because I’m not a [content deleted] man. What? They only have guys hosting that show, right?

Just because I’m a woman, doesn’t mean I don’t like cars. That’s gender biasing. I love cars! If I had oodles of cash, I’d buy lots of them. And I’d learn how to drive a standard transmission auto. Then I could buy my own Morgan and take it for a drive on the winding roads of Malvern and its hills. For now though, I’m happy to take a tour of the Morgan factory. Secretly, I’ll take someone with me and try to convince them to hire one of the fancy cars for a day’s car ride.

If you’re interested in taking a tour of the Morgan Motors Company, visit their website for tour times and other information here. Do any of you own a Morgan Motor? Has anyone out there in Malvern blog land hired one to drive for a day? Comment below and share your driving experiences of all and any vehicles.

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