Midsummer Night's Dream
21st June 2011
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Today is the longest day of the year. As a facebook friend of mine said today though, "It's still only 24 hours".


Visions of sunshine will have to do for today, because I've looked out the window and it's pouring with rain.


However! Not to despair. The rain is much needed for plants to grow and gardens to bloom. Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream always prevails in my mind today. I see lucious foilage everywhere, in the spirit of the longest day. Vines with blossoms crawling through a garden trellis. And that's where this blog post is headed, to enable everyone the chance to bring their gardens and property to life with a lovely trellis from Potters Fencing.


Visit the Potters Fencing information page, right here on The Best of Malvern website, to find out more about their services. Click on the Testimonials tab for customer feedback and be sure to leave your valued recommend as well.


Enjoy this the longest day, fence up your property and ready your gardens for when the sun promises to shine!


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