Mediterranean food ...Mediterranean weather!!
22nd June 2010
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Whoo hoo....this gorgeous weather is going to last!

What fabulous weekend weather we have had...The sun has gone to my head...i feel like its holiday time, all I need now is the sparkling ocean to dip in and out of, a cocktail bar...the sort that has a beach hut feel to it, some golden sand and a good Mediterranean restaurant...blissful.

Well,  I know I can't have the ocean, the beach bar or the golden sand, but I can sample some delicious Mediterranean food here in the centre of Malvern! There is you see, tucked away behind a pretty little coutyard a restaurant called The Fig Tree, where a superb menu will tantalize your tastebuds and hopefully trick you into thinking you are on your hols.........yippee!

Pop into The Fig Tree and taste for yourself their delicious selection of Mediterranean dishes....yummy.

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