Master Chef, Come Dine with Me and food obsessions!
18th March 2010
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Hmm…I am pondering over where the sunshine has gone to, it appears to be lurking behind an abundance of thick grey cloud today – I was rather hoping the view of the Malvern Hills would be looking a little peachier with endless amounts of blue sky in the background…sadly not.


I will ponder some more as I eat my first portion of sugary biscuits for the day…a cup of coffee in hand…I notice I am falling a little behind in my chores. This morning the hoover stared at me in disgust as I passed it by…I’m sure its feeling a little neglected at the moment…I seem to be struggling to move on from my rather carefree and lazy moments of Mothers Day….


Today I have decided to be a little more creative in the kitchen; I must confess I have succumbed to watching rather a lot of ‘foody’ tv…especially Master Chef and Come Dine With Me. I sit and watch, mesmerised by the speed of their deliciously fiddly creations….and then decide that I really wouldn’t have the time to stack my rice in neat little piles, arrange my vegetables in such a uniform manner or pour such a meagre amount of sauce onto my plate….what happened to lusty, hearty helpings of food? Come on let’s not be itty bitty people with fussy foody fads, let us embrace the true essence of hearty British cooking.


Hmm… about?


  1. Roast chicken, chipolatas, bacon rolls, bread sauce, roast potatoes, lots of seasonal veg and steamed sponge and custard or,
  2. Lamb with lashings of mint sauce, roasties and vegetables then a helping of bread and butter pudding or
  3. Roast beef dinner, followed by rhubarb crumble and custard…. 


I have a confession, I am truly addicted to food and it’s getting worse!



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