Malvern girl Cher Lloyd makes it to Bootcamp!
27th September 2010
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Whooo hoo…congratulations to X Factor hopeful Cher Lloyd from Malvern for making it through to Bootcamp! She sang her own rendition ofTurn My Swag On’ by Soulja Boy and impressed the judges with her own unique version. Judges, Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh and Nicole Scherzinger sat through hundreds of contestants, some of which in my opinion lacked any singing talent,let alone had something called the X Factor.. By the way what is that? Does it mean ‘extra’ as in they have something special? I always thought ‘X’ marked the spot…as in the Indiana Jones films.

It did make good viewing though, particularly watching the contestants get to grips with a dance routine that they would have to later perform in front of the judges…how mean was that! Hmm…but then again they stand to win a lot of money, so a tad of jiggling about won’t do them any harm.

Oh well, I guess my Saturday evenings will now take on some form of routine as I continue to watch how Cher progresses through the weeks leading up to the grand finale…good luck to her, I hope she wins!

Ps. What happened to Simon Cowells high waisted trousers...I didn't notice them, so has he changed his ways? Do his trousers now sit on his hips...I must remember to check them out next week!




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