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11th October 2011
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I'm a novelist, so I'm a natural dreamer. When the company, Mailes Skips & Recycling, was brought to my attention, I immediately started fantasizing about using their skip services.

See, the thing is, I have a house in mind that I someday want to buy. It's this one, isn't it gorgeous? However, I realised that I walk by this house every day and it has a hole in the bottom. Basically, this mansion needs renovating big time. And I'm just the person to do so after purchasing it! I'd hire a building consultancy and have them remodel the cellars of this house. And when there's construction going on, everyone knows you'll need a skip for all the debris.

If (unlike me only getting to dream about renovating) and you actually own a home that needs sprucing up, call Mailes today for an estimate on a skip. Also, this recycling center provides many other types of recycling. Whether you're renovating your house or business, or recycling your daily wares, contact Mailes for the best recycle services around.

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