January is the time to get organised and de clutter your home.
5th January 2011
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January begins once again, and with it the desire to de-clutter the house and get my little corner of the world pin neat. The niggling feeling arrives like clockwork as soon as those festive decorations are down and packed away…in many ways it’s a good feeling, I want and need to do this yearly task…it has become part of me and my makeup.

For many the thought of sorting and clearing rooms is quite a challenge, but don’t be put off, start it now and you’ll soon have an organised home.

Here are a few of my de-cluttering tips to get you started:-

1. Start small – one room at a time.
2. Don’t just move clutter around, sort and be selective. Only keep what you need, like and find useful.
3. Invest in new storage. Filing cabinets, pretty boxes and shelves make light work and will help to keep you organised permanently.
4. Unwanted clutter can be recycled, given to charity or sold at second hand shops or car boot sales.

Long term de cluttering saves you time and helps you create a more relaxing home to live in.

If you need a little help getting your home looking spick and span after your de cluttering session why not give Tulip Cleaning & Laundry Solutions a call…they’re sure to make your home sparkle.



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