Have we entered the magical world of Narnia?
7th December 2010
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As I opened my front door this morning it was as if I had entered the magical world of Narnia.  Surrounded by crisp wintery whiteness, the Malverns have been transformed into a beautiful landscape of white frost and icicles, the gas lamps that stand at the top of the Priory Steps looking just as C S Lewis described them in his famous novel The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe.



It’s easy to complain about the cold weather conditions that have taken hold, but if you wrap up warm, put on sensible footwear and take things at a steady pace the wintery conditions can be an enjoyable experience for all of us.


Have you shopping to do, or essential supplies to get in? Why not leave the car at home, pull on some sturdy walking boots and walk to the shops. If you only need a few items, walking can make a pleasant change; I recommend it for a little light exercise and nice rosy cheeks!


Malvern has all you need to help keep you warm and get you through the icy conditions. Check out my handy list below:-




If you don’t fancy getting out and about, top up your bird feeders…then sit back, watch and enjoy the show that our feathered friends provide us with all year long. Our gardens are an important habitat for birds so make sure to provide them with food, drink and shelter. From the festive Robin to Goldcrests, Bullfinches and Blackbirds, our gardens can be an interesting place to watch and observe nature at its best.



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