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18th June 2011
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A lot of people come from miles around to walk on The Malvern Hills, myself included. It doesn't even matter that the weather has been very rainy these past few weeks. A walk on the hills in the rain calms me, especially when there's a break in the downpour; the sun peeks out from behind the clouds and steam starts to rise up off the foliage and rocky trails.

Stopping at a pub after a walk on the hills in any kind of weather, makes that pint of cider taste extra nice.

For all my outdoor adventures in Malvern, I stock up on everything I need from Harpers Bazaar. They've got loads of gear for cub scouts and brownies too. Stop in to see what's available at already low prices, and take advantage of current special offers.

Enjoy the great outdoors, here in Malvern. Try to take pictures when you can, and be sure to share your experiences with us here at The Best of Malvern. Let everyone know in a testimonial how capable all the supplies from Harpers Bazaar really are.

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