From Big Chill to Serious Pampering
9th August 2010
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Well now the Big Chill is over it’s time to indulge in some much needed beauty treatments to get yourself feeling fresh and clean again! Camping is fun, but let’s face it, wet wipes just don’t do the job do they? You can’t beat the comfort of a long hot soak, fresh fluffy towels and a selection of quality beauty products to revive you and get you feeling squeaky clean again.



We can all create a little Spa area at home by locking the bathroom door, lighting some scented candles and listening to some chill out music….but why not be pampered properly? Serenity Spa in Upton have a delightful menu of very tempting beauty treatments to make you feel fresh and rejuvenated again. So, if you are looking a little dishevelled and grungy from your Big Chill experience…go on, book a treatment and get ready for some real pampering.



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