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3rd March 2011
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Francis of Malvern still has a sale on until Saturday, so I'll be hurrying over there today. I drive past or walk by Francis of Malvern every day and my eyes are always drawn towards their massive store windows  where I can see contemporary and traditional furnishings inside. Usually they have a section of children's displays in their windows too. Francis of Malvern has kids sized furniture as well! So cute.


Since moving home a few months ago, I still don't have all the furnishings I need. I've only got a tiny place, but I remember Francis of Malvern stocking a fold away cupboard bed; so I know they supply specialty furniture as well.


Francis of Malvern is located on Worcester Road in Malvern Link. Their large 3 story building is home to furnishings of all kinds as well as carpets, lighting and more. Pop in to Francis of Malvern before their sale ends this Saturday, and remember to tell us all about your experience right here on The Best of Malvern website. Your feedback is crucial and Francis of Malvern is determined to provide you with the vital home comforts you require and more.

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