Evesham Golf Club Steward of the year
14th October 2009
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The members of Evesham Golf Club were delighted but not surprised that Tessa Byrne has won through the to the regional finals of "Steward of the Year" and will be in London on the 23rd October 2009 as one of the four UK regional finalists. If you have had a snack at Evesham Golf Club, played in a club match with one of our many teams or maybe even a society day out you will not be surprised that Tess is up for this award. Her dedication to the club, it's members and visitors alike is second to none and Tess deserves all the accolades currently being showered on her.

Tess's response to the award luncheon in London was typically Tess. "I can't stay too long as we have a curry evening that day and I must be there for my members"

Tess...........We all love you lots and good luck from us all.

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