Eggs, wellies and the start of the Malvern Spring Gardening Show!
6th May 2010
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What has happened to the weather???


Breakfast now over, thank you girlies for laying such a deliciously tasty egg….a glimmer of brightness as it sat in the oversized egg cup waiting to be devoured….it appears that these pom-pom girlies have now got to grips with their morning ritual of producing an egg a day.


But where has the beautiful May sunshine gone to? What is happening to our weather, one moment hot and sunny the next dull and grey. It is the weekend of our very own Malvern Spring Gardening Show and sunshine is a must, because I want to don a summer frock, pop on my new sandals and linger amongst the beautiful floral displays and tempting stalls down at the showground.


Hmm, I think perhaps a wellie moment is approaching, not quite as stylish as a summer frock and sandals, but there is a need to be practical…and I am forever practical. So, I will slip into my prettiest wellies, find a suitable raincoat and head for the showground because nothing will deter me from this fantastic Malvern event.

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