Easy Peasy Plum Jam
10th August 2010
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Easy-Peasy Plum Jam Recipe

2 lbs of stoned ripe plums
2 lbs of sugar

Well it’s the time of year for all things plummy…and to celebrate the gorgeousness of these lovely seasonal fruits I’ve dug out a really easy jam recipe for you to try.


Easy to pick, no bending required, just a little stretching and searching the branches for the ripest fruit and you’ll soon have enough to make a decent amount of jam.


Once you’ve gathered your plums, head for the kitchen, don your apron and dig out a good sturdy saucepan.


1. Clean and stone the plums.

2. Weigh them, add the plums and an equal weight of sugar to your saucepan   and heat slowly.

3. When the sugar dissolves and the mixture reaches boiling point, continue to boil for a little while.

4. Boil hard and keep testing for setting. As soon as a sample sets, remove from the heat and pour into prepared jars.


Make sure the jars are squeaky clean and sterile.



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