Eastnor Castle
23rd June 2011
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I absolutely love Eastnor Castle. It's so fairytale having a castle right in Malvern's back yard! I visit Eastnor Castle at least 4 times every year, they always have smashing events on. As a matter of fact, the setting for one of my novels is going to be at Eastnor Castle. I love to tour the grounds every time I visit there for activities. If I'm really lucky (and I win the lottery) maybe someday I'll be able to have my very own wedding there! How romantic would that be? Just one thing missing, the groom. lol


On the 26th of June Eastnor Castle will be holding a steam engine day. For more info on this and other castle events, visit their website.


Have you visited Eastnor Castle? They also hold off-roading events for Land Rover drivers. What fun zooming around in the mud!


Share your romantic or muddy (probably not both at the same time) adventures at Eastnor Castle with everyone who visits the Best of Malvern today.

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